We have nice place for our mothers and babys. Made of wood, with climate control, red light and video control of outside. Video for more information!

dog's lying-in home

Sweempool and garden

 We have the Sweempool for training to our dogs, and garden for to walk with they. They are very happy in the garden.

place for puppys till  two month

We also have spesial place for puppys between 6 week old and 10 week old. When thay don't have all vacunation, thay are stay here, becouse outside is dangerous for they.

gallery/paridera de perros

Dayly walking and lessons outside

We begin to work with our puppy outside when they are 3 month old. Its very important to train the dog for to live happy and comfortable with your dog later.


 Big individual home

General line of our nursery


  We love this breed and we want to improve it whith our breeding. All our dogs have genetic tests on health, also they are clear of  PLL. All males and females what we are using for nursery have the "Exellent" of judges in Internationals FCI Show.

We have also the little Labo for to make tests of our dogs.

 They are big inaf, clean, comfortable and made of wood.